Agent "double O squash" (jessiesquash) wrote in album_exchange,
Agent "double O squash"

Ishq Kamina (Bollywood)

Hey! I'm so glad I found this community! I have a ton of music I'm willing to share but my collection is too big and varied to post. I have mostly Bollywood, showtunes, some pop, some alternative, a little bit of everything.

I'm making a mix for a coworker because I like to spread the Bollywood love but I'm missing a song and I totally thought I had it! It's Ishq Kamina(Kameena) from the movie Shakti: The Power. It's the one where SRK dreams about dancing with Aishwarya Rai. I cannot find this song anywhere and I would love to include it. Does anyone have it?? Thank you so much!!!

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