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This is a community where people can post a request on what songs they want and if someone has it they can post the URL of the link they loaded the song on http://www.yousendit.com/ (however, try and post the songs to the persons personal lj site for safety reasons)

You can also give out songs and exchange albums....as you know this is an album_exchange community...however, you don't need to only exchange albums....You can talk about music, post lyrics, talk about singers....anything related to music

Although, NO racist/hateful music is allowed......If this rule is broken you will be kicked out of the community!!!....

Feel free to post music lyrics or talk about music from different languages does not have to be English...This means you can exchange foreign music albums

Any questions contact the community moderator/owner at the given address.


GET WILD WITH MUSIC, but don't get too CRAZY!!!!!